Lanna Malaysia

Product Q & A

Question 1 : What was the black oily liquid that stick on to the patch after you tear it down ?

Lanna foot patch can accumulate toxins from the soles of the foot, black represents the dampness of the body, oil is a mixture of body toxins and excess oils, it is a normal detoxification process.

Question 2 : Can women use the foot patch during their menstrual period ?

Lanna Foot Patch can regulate the physiological function of women, therefore you can rest assured that by using the foot patch will only bring your body benefits instead of harms.

Question 3 : What effect will it bring when you use it for a long period continuously or intermittently ?

The periods of using Lanna foot patch is totally depends on you and your condition as it contains all natural herbs, minerals and plants extract which brings excellent curative effect to your body instead of harms. We recommend you to use it continuously to see more obvious result.

Question 4 : What's the difference between Lanna foot patch and those Korean & Japan foot patch out there on the market ?

Our country is fall under tropical wet climate which similar with Thailand so comparing to those four season's country such as Korea & Japan, Lanna foot patch will shown better results with our special herbal plants in it.

Question 5 : Are Lanna foot patch suitable for other parts of your body besides your foot ?

If you simply want to remove the body dampness you can use it on your knee, lower back, arm and shoulder but the result is not as effective as you use it on your foot.

Question 6 : Why do some people can get fast result in one day where some of them still can't see the result even after one week ?

Each person's physical health is totally different, those who can see result in one day proved that the damp condition is way more serious compared to those who see a little result.

Question 7 : I am under a Chinese medicine treatment, can iuse the Lanna foot patch ?

There's no need to avoid using Lanna foot patch during the Chinese medical treatment, in fact, it helps especially when you go under arthritis treatment, the results may surprise you.

Question 8 : I found some rashes appear on my skin after using Lanna foot patch, was it my skin sensitivity problem or because i used the fake products ?

For your own safety, we strongly suggest you to stop using it and verify the QR code on the package to check if it's the genuine product. In order to defend your consumer's right, we recommend you to report to the relevant department, such as The Tribunal for Consumer Claims immediately. At the meantime, we will do our best to assist you.