Lanna Malaysia

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Lanna Malaysia Official Certificate

In September 2016, we have been appointed as official Lanna Malaysia Sole Distributor by Lanna International Group. And we have the right to appoint a third party to act on behalf of Lanna International Group to apply for the approvals for Lanna product with appropriate and relevant authorities.

We learned that there were many poorly produce and counterfeit products of our brand on the market and people needed a product they could trust. And so we have come out with our own QR Code stickers for every authentic pack of the foot patch. By using the fake products can cause real damage and drawing other health problems to your body.

4 step to verify the original Lanna Foot Patch

  • 1. Make sure your product packaging never been opened before you buy.
  • 2. Make sure your product packaging stick with QR code sticker.
  • 3. Scrape out the protected layer to view your QR code number.
  • 4. Verify your QR code in the original website:

(Remarks: Each QR code only can be verify 1 time)

Lanna Foot Patch New Packaging