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why Lanna Foot Patch?

Every day, your body is assaulted by an onslaught of harsh toxins in the water you drink, air you breath, food you eat, and environment in which you live. When toxins accumulate over time, they strain your health and well being. Clearing your body of toxins will help you live a stronger and happier life.

Lanna Foot Patch are designed to draw toxins out of the body by stimulating reflex points on the bottom of the feet.

Over time the chemicals build up and become a part of us. The ridding of the chemicals, also called detoxifying, has become popular to help people to rid themselves of these chemicals which impact the body’s ability to do its best work. Lanna Foot Patch contain many important ingredients, most of them are traditional herbs of many kind from Thailand herbs garden. Because the foot has many acupressure points which impact organs all over your body, those herbs can stimulate your body to cleanse yourself and to get a good night’s sleep. Another of the most important ingredients - wood vinegar, which is said to be able to pull toxins out of the body as well. It is used in detox foot patch in a powder form. Wood vinegar is useful in many ways, not just detox, but can aid in digestion, healing, swelling, and pain relief. It is this specific ingredient natural formulation and the precise blending ratios that make the formulation so popular in the marketplace.

Your body has reflexology points within the feet, and the feet are known in Chinese medical culture to be the second heart. You will get the most benefit by applying the patches to your feet because they have such a plethora of important focus points to cleanse your body. Because your body naturally removes bad things away from your important organs, toxins are naturally drawn away from your chest and stomach area and moved to your feet, making your feet a dumping ground for metals and toxins.

Our foot patches help to cleanse your body's waste products in an easy, trouble-free and painless way. The color of the patches will change according to the condition of your health. Those with health problems will notice the sheets are initially darker the following morning. With regular use, the sheets will progressively get lighter and lighter, indicating a steady improvement in your health.

Please note, however, that we do not recommend or claim that our foot pads are the only thing you need to cleanse your body. There is no such thing as a magic bullet approach to good health. We highly recommend that you still practice healthy habits, such as eating well, exercising, and avoiding harmful substances. With all these combined, the impact can be far-reaching, regardless of your age, sex, or physical ability.

Why Lanna Malaysia

Hi, We're Lanna Malaysia. Thank you very much for joining and paying attention to us. Perhaps in the near future, you will find today will be a memorable day. Because after you have experienced our Lanna Foot Patch, you'll find it's effective for dampness detoxification, promoting blood circulation, anti-aging, body slimming and promoting skin metabolism. You will soon find all these body health value can be immediately reflected on your right choice of health investment.

Perhaps you will ask why choose authentic Thailand Lanna Foot Patch? We would like to share a little story here:

A friend in a few years ago suddenly had two blisters appeared on one of his finger which he thought just some ordinary skin allergy so he straightly ignored them and thought that eventually they will go away. Little did he know that the blisters on his finger grew more and more and gotten worse so he immediately seek help from a modern medicine skin specialist. The doctor had prescribed some remedy that can temporary restraint the affected part but it's difficult to cut off and he needs to keep himself getting in touch as little as possible with the water and chemically fluids such as dish/clothing detergent and other irritating substances. Things were going well after following doctor's prescription for some time but right after a few months, he inadvertently exposed himself to the dish detergent and the blisters kept popping up again. He finally learn and accept the fact that the modern medicine can only be able to control instead of fully cure.

Still, he hasn't given up on hope and his heart tells him that the traditional Chinese medicine might be the way to be. And so he had consulted some traditional Chinese physician, they all diagnosed it as body heat and dampness in which severe case is called damp toxins. Friends of him pointed out that majority of the people that lived in GuangDong province in China and Southeast Asia have the body of damp-heat constitution after referring to some data on traditional Chinese medical website. It also reminds us for once there's a Chinese friend that's been travelling in Malaysia and they were curious about the amount of the long foot house, aka the Malay House. To think it over, our geographical environment is indeed likely to cause hot and humid physique, our country is near the equator hence extra hot weather, surrounded by water and different islands, the often broken weather and humid climate. The long foot house can indeed isolate some humid air, the predecessors of this house invention were certainly had this well thought on.

Now we talk about the eating habit, spicy and heavy breakfast like curry, coconut rice, roti canai and many other local cuisines from the start of the day plus variety of fried foods until the midnight are usually all our typical choice. The hot and humid weather all year makes us crave for cold drinks often, the work pressure from time to time, stay up all night, consuming of alcohol. All of these can cause hygrothermal.

A friend went on a Thailand business trip, he accidentally stumbled across the Thailand Lanna Foot Patch in the pharmacy and on the package it says to remove body dampness so he got one to try it out. The next morning he startled of what he had found on the foot patch, it's full of liquid black gunk all over it and so he did a quick internet research and only did he found out that the black represents the heavy dampness in the body, oil is the body toxins and it's all the normal sign of detoxification. After the continuously used for 3 weeks or so, the sign of nocturnal enuresis decreased, improving of sleeping quality, enhancing of gastrointestinal function and discharged of body toxins, mental state and appetite significantly improved. The friend had tried different foot patches from different countries like China, Japan and South Korea but the effect is not as remarkable and the price is twice or more.

After the finish the first phase of the treatment which took about three weeks of using the Lanna Foot Patch, he then wished to purchase more for the second treatment. Somehow he went online and stumbled across many local & China web-seller in which they are selling the counterfeit products on the internet. He was upset at first then decided to directly contact the official Lanna Thailand manufacturer where he can get the genuine products. The person in charge of Lanna Thailand then sharing the tips generously to him about how to identify fake goods from the herb's taste, color, efficacy, etc. They also pointed out that many unscrupulous businessmen produce counterfeit products to deceive the consumers and cause erythema to the skin. Perhaps the price of the genuine product is slightly higher but the effect is remarkable. They even postponed the production date due to the rainy season in Thailand each year that will cost the poor harvest so some of the ingredients may out of stock. This will cause the profit loss to them in an indirect way but they'd rather be losing the money than cutting cost to make up the product. All in all this product not only do wonders to your body but it's a whole pack of sincerity, hard work and persistency.